BE creative

Riding the wave!
Becoming Essence is engaging
with the world.

BE creative! Playing, thinking the impossible, leaving familiar structures, surprising ourselves. Being allowed to grow, try out, fail and get up again. Tackling serious topics with playfulness and enjoying the exciting new connections. This is the spirit in which the cooperations and projects that arise from the BecomingEssence feel & think tank are designed.

Honestly – I despair of this world. And just as true is that I love life. And that I believe in us as human beings and that I have a desire to create together. Embodying philosopher, mystic, activist, researcher, artist’s soul – this is what comes together in free play. The compass needle consistently focuses on connection.

We grow together through our experiences. With this mindset we make a difference. And when things get tight and uncomfortable, we also feel that completely, this unmasking of our vulnerable self.
Development happens organically here. Life itself plays along. BE creative – in this open space we can try out new ways of being human. The ambivalence of being transforms from an obstacle to a fuel for our concrete impact on the world.

creative = free

BE creative

engaging with the world – open-hearted and with an open mind

Our pearls

  • Prototyping for the new – Depth-Design for the Water Festival Freiburg
  • BE essentials – Video impulses for a life in connection
  • Forum Courage International – a format for courageous action
  • Open research: Shame as turbo-booster for humanity and depth
  • Pearl Diving Movies: Interviews with pioneers of our time
  • Global Female Envisioning – a mobile impact laboratory

    Rules of
    the game

    Creativity comes from
    a relaxed space

    A free space and the focus on connection make the impossible possible. What moves you? What can we create together?


    Pearl Diving MOVIES

    Be moved!

    BE essentials – in short sharings I share my insights and experiences on the meaning of life in connection. In the Pearl Diving Interview enthralling guests take a seat on my “Yellow Couch”.

    Trailer Pearl Diving MOVIES

    Being found by Truth – Interview with Andre Jacomet

    BE essential 1 – Remaining open (in German)

    Transgenerational Trauma – Interview with Maria Forker

    BE essential 5 – adding value (in German)

    Global Female Envisioning

    The wisdom of Women

    Dear women, our knowledge is in demand. But our knowledge alone is not enough. The large systems do not move so easily. So how do we turn this thing? With love, efficiency and intellect? We will gather together our knowledge and our ignorance. And mix it into the process of life in our own way. Diving deeply, feeling, witnessing, clarifying – acting! The safe ground is created by our full presence in the non-spaces. Inconsolable, invincible, impossible, unspeakable, unheard.
    Do you know the fairy tale of the “Farmer’s wise daughter”?
    We turn shame into gold. We learn how to be smart. This is the dedication of our gatherings.

    Today I rise

    Alexandra Feldner and Agata Welz have brought it to the point in a compelling way, in words and pictures with their film TODAY I RISE.

    Little girl with broken wings but full of hope….
    Where are you?

    Today is the day
    I will not sit still and give in anymore
    Today I rise
    I am bruised but I will get up and walk again
    Today I rise
    Through the alchemy of my darkest nights I heal and thrive
    Today I rise

    Live Gatherings – The Golden Key

    To feel shame and to make the tied up life energy accessible for what we want to move in the world – women have a special task here.

    The Golden Key – live: we meet regularly in the AHA Lounge, Staufen
    The format is flexible. It can be integrated into any workshop and conference.

    Tip: Femme Q – conference & community

    “We are a growing, community of likeminded women & men on all continents who are at the forefront of co-creating a vision and proposing strategies on how the world works based on consciousness practices, strategic alliances and deep feminine principles & values.”

    More information via FemmeQ >

    Shame gourmet?

    Shame research

    We are broken as humanity. A large part of our life energy and creativity is bound up in a feeling that we do not really know – because it has an inherent tendency to suppress – shame. The fear is that it could destroy us. Yet it is precisely this frightening feeling that hides our capacity for caring and cooperation. So there is no other way but to turn to this phenomenon.

    Since the beginning of 2019 I have been researching this topic explicitly. In my eyes, the unloved feeling of shame contains an unused turbo-potential in terms of power and steadfastness, which we as humanity can well use in view of the challenges here on this planet. I am determined to lift this treasure. For me, this means to get in touch with this feeling, to let it be alive in relationships and encounters, to publish my insights and findings and to express them in a creative way. More to come!

    By the way, shame is also the speed-way to your essence.
    Find out more about Your individual Pearl Dive and The Golden Key (live & online) >

    Own your gaps – Sande-Ann about collective shame (in German)

    Shame is a treasure chamber full of energy. And Ann found the door.
    Sonja Kreiner
    Ecstasy researcher & friend

    Water Festival

    where future happens

    Transforming ocean plastics – plastic-free oceans by the year 2050? Under the question “How can collective intelligence create surprising solutions for plastic-free oceans?” people from politics, industry, science and committed citizens meet with their burning questions about the future.
    The next live event will take place from 9-11 July 2021 in Freiburg’s Seepark. The BecomingEssence feel & think tank will be there again with the Gap Lab Lounge.

    Learn more >

    Writings & Interviews

    An essential view on the world

    I have thought a lot about us humans and filled many notebooks. With the growing wealth of experience of personal ups and downs, but also the wealth of experience of processes through which I have been able to accompany other people, my insights and views have been consolidated – and are well worth sharing on this site and in our > BLOG.

    The themes of my articles and videos are the bright colours of human existence and our breathtakingly deep potential of humanity: courage, shame, ecstasy, love, sadness, fear. Central is the search for a key to enter into a relationship with full integrity and vulnerability. And to create a togetherness where I can be truly myself. And the people around me too!

    “Corona” has brought to light many of our suppressed intense feelings, but also the limits of our existence. How can we find the hidden pearls within? My rather unconventional focus lays on the rehabilitation of the unloved taboo feeling of shame. And the gift of a growing level of integrity within. This deeper knowledge is worth to be linked with  a view on the current political, economical and societal events these days. Can we perhaps even become shame-gourmets?

    I look forward to your interview request, suggestions on topics and people with a desire for deep exchange in front of the camera.

    Want to play?

    Let us work together
    in the world!

    Where future happens – a burning question for the Water Festival Freiburg?

    Are you interested in a turbo boost for deep encounters at your next event?

    Knowledge and ignorance – an interview request about trauma and shame?

    What do we want to achieve together?