Element of depth & transformation

Sande-Ann is a true water spirit. She receives most of her knowledge about connection from the nature and wisdom of this element.

Her shamanic power was completely “kissed awake” in her direct encounters with dolphins and whales in Hawaii.

Water = Life

BE water

“The ocean is the master teacher in collaboration.”
(Leah Lamb, transformational storyteller)

Welcome to the connectedness of human life!

Water wisdom

Live is connection

Water is steady. Water is boundless. Water is gentle and unbridled power. Water is changeable. Water is depth. Water is darkness, water is light in all colours. Water connects.
Is water allowed to be in your life?


Presence & connection


WATER. Most of our blue planet is covered by water, the land we live on is given to us by water, it emerges from the oceans. Can you feel that you come from there?

PLASTIC. An artificial material invented by human spirit, mass-produced and put into circulation without the inventor having an organic recycling process. Nor does nature.

THE GAP. Before we close it, we must feel it completely. What do you feel when you connect with the ocean? What burning question arises in you?

THE CONNECTION. What actually brings about lasting change? Change is where connection is made. It happens where we are fully present.

We could withdraw into hopelessness. We could hide out of shame. We might turn to blind activity out of fear. Let us not underestimate the value of our presence.

“To be we need to know the river
holds the salmon and the ocean
holds the whales as lightly
as the body holds the soul
in the present tense, in the present tense.”

Ursula K. Le Guin (from the poem Infinitive)

The value of our presence I (in German)

The value of our presence II (in German)

BE water

transforming ocean plastics

Future moderation! Applied transformation competence

“How can collective intelligence create surprising solutions for plastic-free oceans until 2050?
 Transformation management is supporting the paradigm shift.”

Henrik Langholf, initiator and founder of the Water Festival Freiburg has a strong vision: clean plastic-free oceans until 2050! The key to this powerful orientation: to bring together all players (politics, industry, science, organisations, citizens) and their burning questions about the future and to offer collective intelligence a space in which the seemingly impossible can become possible.

Shamanic initiation for our project Water Festival (in English)

Gap Lab Lounge

Face the Gaps!

Without the courage to face the gaps we would not have been able to tackle the Water Festival Freiburg project and its coming out in summer 2019. If we want to believe the impossible is possible, it is best to start with what we do not know.

Let’s take a look at the topic – and the plastic in the oceans is representative for many things – it is all about gaps. Gaps in the connection. Within us, between us, with the world, with God. Before we take action, it is worthwhile to completely face these gaps. Only this gives us the safe ground from which we can take the meaningful next step.
That is why a physical Gap Lab Lounge was developed during the first Water Festival, as a place for the open questions from which new ideas can arise.

Sande-Ann about the Gap Lab Lounge at the Water Festival Freiburg >

Also at the next live edition of the Water Festival in Freiburg the Gap Lab Lounge will be the connecting element for the 3 event parts:

Water Innovation Lab: projects, startups, networks, global players, government organizations, foundations and NGO’s out there – we want to explore how we get more aligned in our visions and objectives and create more impact together!

Water Celebration Night: “Celebrating the Beauty of Our Oceans – Calling in the creative Power of Artists!

Water Citizen Lab: which new solutions lie directly at hand to use in our homes, communities and regions? We might even create a “Plastic Smart Model Region Freiburg-Basel” together?

Impressions from the first Water Festival Freiburg – Jo Ruxton

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