My educational

mission statement

Come back of the soul

From soul to soul: I enjoy working in the special depth that is possible in 1:1 coaching. Top down and bottom up – unseen the position and the power we hold, there is a basic human right to soul integrity. A right to be heard with our passion and the deeper values we are standing for.

Both is needed, the changes coming “from below” and the changes coming “from above”. I love the smart and clever ideas of small start-ups and the private community engagement offering fast prototyping for the new. And if something can shift in a big decision maker in politics and business this is a powerful leverage for change too.

To see humanity unite around the different “missions to earth” is the process I want to be of support. To enable every single human being to have access to its deepest truth and live up to a life in soul integrity – this is my own souls mission.


Ann La-Forker

Trauma Expert, Shame researcher, process-facilitator

Ann is at home in many dimensions. The humanities scholar also worked for many years as a project manager in the business world. Today the multi-facetted bodywork psychotherapist accompanies individuals and companies with her process work Becoming Essence. She has also remained a passionate researcher.

“Spiritual growing meets grounded nervous system”. In her work, Ann combines a down to earth understanding of the world with a special access to the more subtle realities of life. All is a based on a solid and profound trauma work know-how.

Born in the shadow of post-war Germany in the DDR, she has grown a strong sense of independence. Despite the boundaries of her life context she always lived in the clear self-perception of a “global citizen”. The discovery of the influence of transgenerational trauma and collective shadows on her own life was for her the key to a liberated life. In order to make this possible for other people, she trained herself over many years to become a holistic expert across a range of sectors. Being aware of the cultural and societal frictions that come with trauma she recently launched the global initiative Integrity For Future.

Ann lives with her family in Staufen, in the very south of Germany, close to Switzerland and France. From here she runs her trauma therapeutic practice. The Becoming Essence Feel & Think Tank is the vessel for her private research and the societal projects that arise from it. She regularly publishes articles on her main research topics trauma, shame and the conditions for a life in integrity and is available as an interview partner and workshop facilitator for these topics.


Operating from a clear space, deeply sensing, and staying in connection; these are qualities Ann have which makes me trust her and submit to her work.

Stig Albansson
client from Sweden

Be qualified

Academic: M.A. Germanic Studies, Romance Studies, History | Master of Arts in Social Science & Humanities | Master Science Politique

In the Marketplace: Project management in international cultural institutions in Germany and abroad
Head of Public Relations & Co-operations, Curator of Arts Programme, Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg | Festival Designer, Water Festival Freiburg

As an Independent: Founder of RAUM IM SEIN, practice for trauma resolution and bonding-oriented body psychotherapy

Free Play & Research: Founder of the Becoming Essence Feel & Think Tank and the global initiative Integrity For Future

Participation: > Collective Trauma – Climate Change Lab of the Pocket Project/ > Prototyping in the program u.lab 2x 2021

(downloadable pdf)

  • Master Stratégies des Echanges
    Culturelles Internationaux
  • Magistra Artium Germanic and Romance Studies, History
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®
    based on Peter Levine
  • Existential Analysis based on Viktor Frankl
  • Gestalt-Counsellor based on Fritz Perls
  • Body Psychotherapy based on Wilhelm Reich
  • Basic Bonding© based on Thomas Harms
  • Academy of Inner Science | Transparent communication
    based on Thomas Huebl
  • Masterclass Coma and near death experiences by Peter Levine
  • Trained Warm Data Lab host by Nora Bateson


by life itself

My education is deeply linked into my life path – and the other way around. As life is an ongoing learning journey it seems to be a little bit artificial to just list the University degrees and the hours of trainings I accumulated.

The decisions I made that lead to it are an expression of my inner world and my changing perspectives on life. Historical backgrounds, economic realities and the colourful web of relationships and inspirational impulses shaped what was possible at a time. So many contexts play into my learning journey.

While I am giving you access to my “Curriculum Vitae” which reflects the frameworks of my learnings and the concrete skills and competencies my work is built on, I invite you to also have a look at the personal story I do share about the life path that lead to my souls mission. To combine the different realms of information in you might come closer to an understanding of my ongoing passionate search for a meaningful life – an experience I share with you and every other human being.


My parents

forever grateful for your profound teaching that are at the root of all


My father, Helmut Forker.

Mediator and unconventional thinker.
Parish priest and rebel.

I love you.
And I bow to you.



My mother, Maria Forker.

System-critical intelligent free and peaceful spirit.
With heart and soul amongst the people. As a doctor and simply so.

I love you.
And I bow to you.