be human
be divine ~

a human path towards soul integrity

An answer to the human ambivalence of our being that satisfies the needs of our soul must take us into the depths.

It is our privilege as humans to be able to open ourselves to complex interconnections. It is our privilege as humans to make our choice in favour of cooperation against the primacy of a competition-oriented mode of survival. It is our privilege as humans to feel that we are all-powerful. And it is our privilege as humans to experience, in our failings, humility in the face of something greater than ourselves.

To be cast into the world as a human, with the many things that we feel and experience, is to be sent on a mission. Before we can celebrate our breathtaking capabilities in our full responsibility and to their full extent, we must firstly become experts in being human. My process work Becoming Essence is based on 3 ingredients.

ESSENTIAL BONDING: As humans, we are made for togetherness. Together, we shape our society; together we enliven our closest surroundings with love and our beautiful ideas. That is our nature. Healing in the realms of our broken trust helps us to reconnect to that truth.

SOMATIC EXPERIENCING: We are only free to be creative and to make close and fulfilling bonds when we feel safe. And whether that is the case is not decided by objective circumstances, but by the energy dynamic in our individual nervous system.

DREAM TIME: Setbacks, fractures, psychological scars, misery and anxiety are brutal realities of our being human. If we fail to see that we are on a heroic journey, we give up in despair or elevate ourselves into pseudo-gods. Recommencing the true dialogue with life connects us to the fine and subtle levels from whence come the unexpected aids, the spontaneous intuitions, the creative impulses, that again and again enable us to get back on our feet and carry on.

Whether personally, at some given moment, or in a larger collective sphere, entering into the highest possibility of our humanness does not mean reducing even one of our human-divine experiences to a digestible size. We d-o hang our heads in shame. We a-r-e all-powerful. We a-r-e inconsolable. We a-r-e free. Und we will expand our inner spaces so far that everything – really everything – has room there. Establishing soul integrity, again and again.

Best ingredients

for a deeply connected life

Are you aware?
Your BE-ing is a process of BE-coming. We have the capacity to grow beyond ourselves. The process work of Becoming Essence brings depth, strength, and sustainability to personal and social change processes – for all of us to find our way home into a deeper humanness.

Somatic Experiencing®

Trauma resolution & regulated nervous system

Essential Bonding

Belongingness & relational depth

Dream Time Knowledge

Call to life & access to other realms

Ann’s especial warmth and attentiveness allows me to take a deep breath. The places to which I would otherwise flee are where Ann really starts to feel comfortable … with her comfort zone in the darkest niches and craters, relaxed in the depths under the greatest pressure … this gift gives me faith in my pearl dive.
Nicola S.

Somatic Experiencing®

Transformative Power

Peter Levine has found a very simple definition of trauma. For him, trauma is “the loss of connection”. I like this formulation. It lifts the phenomenon out of the hidden niches of therapeutic clinics and places it at the heart of life. It refutes the idea that trauma is what “the others” have and not me. It shows that trauma is not the traumatic event as such, but what it does to the connections in our inner self and our connections to the world. The view of trauma as the loss of connection moves the subject away from the fringes and into the centre of our life as humans in society.

When we work for a good life for all, we need people who feel secure. As long as the memory of loss of trust through betrayal, violence or the simple lack of contact and lack of intimacy remains alive and unresolved in our cells, we live in the reality of the survival mode. This is defined by the way in which our nervous system functions. As long as we fail to address this level, our efforts are in vain. The redeeming of our history allows us to make new relational experiences and establish trust in people, individually and collectively. From here, that which we desire for our togetherness and for our planet has a chance.

Essential Bonding

Choosing relational depth

A healthy community lives from an authentic feeling of belongingness.
Whether for our intimate relationships or for successful cooperations in our “mission to Earth” – to be able to enter, self-determined, into deep and meaningful connections we must feel lovingly nourished AND free.

The desired degree of acceptance is rarely granted as a gift. Almost all life stories show dislocations in the fields of autonomy and bonding, and the collective cell-memory also provides good reasons for mistrust and reticence. The path to free and deep bonding is laid down in the first months of life. Parents who consciously make this possible give their child a huge gift.

It is essential to be able to live in deep and secure bonds. On account of larger and smaller injuries, many people no longer encounter others directly but through a protective layer, which in turn leads to much confusion in our relationships.

I can only feel relaxed and belonging when I know who I am and – from this inner freedom – am able to give myself in full.

Becoming Essence means to become essential in our relationships and to mature beyond the restrictions of our own history. Get ready for your deep dive!

Dream Time Knowledge

Activate inner leadership

In our everyday lives, a large part of the world that is relevant for us lies in the invisible sphere. Our senses have many more capabilities and capacities than we are aware of and can use. Experiences that, at a given moment, were too overwhelming, are pushed into our unconscious. And often, that is where they remain. But along with the unpleasant things, we also lock away our deepest truth.

There are good reasons for this. And there are better reasons to no longer avoid the pain, because in so doing we rob ourselves and the world of our greatest treasure – the clear connection with our self and with the knowledge of why we are here.

Thus, we cut ourselves off from a whole field of knowledge that exists in the collective unconscious: an old and profound wisdom that supports us in finding our way in clarity and connectedness with the world. The information from other levels that is available to us through a phenomenological view and the process spirit, is enormous.

If you can securely establish your access to the Dream Time, your actions will accord ever more coherently with your life’s mission and stand in meaningful relation to the needs of the world.

Your decision

For a flexible nervous system

For you as a trustworthy partner

For your secure spiritual bonds

BE yourself

Wisdom comes from the depths

Are you well anchored with your body in the here and now?

Who are you as a relational being?

What information awaits you in the Dream Time?

What makes up your essence? What is your mission in this world?


Enjoy Your Journey