Precious “inspired by’s” of mine

BecomingEssence is all about connection. Creativity and even so called original insights appear out of a deep relatedness to life itself and a living exchange of thoughts and feelings with other pioneers of the future. Synchronicities are a beautiful expression of this

inter-connectedness of an explicit and implicite worldwide field. My own projects unfold from and are carried by the power of this community.
On this site you find notes about some inspiring people and approaches my work is linked to – feel free to be inspired too.


Anything that you do to change the psychic, emotional, relational, social climate is part of a political change as well.
It sets the foundation for a political revolution!
Charles Eisenstein
Modern philosoph & author


I went deep with

My deepest gratefulness and respect goes to Peter Levine, founder of Somatic Experiencing and the pioneer in the field of trauma healing. You have unleashed the importance of the special functions of our human nervous system and have made this knowledge accessible for thousands of students worldwide. It has not only saved my own life but also revealed the treasure pearls of spiritual depth and human growth that can be found in our trauma history. I am grateful to be part of your master class “The eye of the needle”. Master tools are needed in todays challenges of humankind. > Spiritual growth meets grounded nervous system – thank you Peter! I’m bowing down.

I would like to thank Thomas Huebl as a spiritual teacher who aims to bring the deeper wisdom of mystic knowledge to the “market place”, bridging the gap between the spiritual and the world. I met you at a time in my life when I deeply doubted that this is possible. I felt like a fish that was put in the water for the first time, after having survived somehow on land for a long time. “The spiritual practice is about asking deep and radial ethical questions – that’s where the real transformation gets integrated into the whole system.” I am happy to contribute to the explorations of the recent “Climate Change Lab”. > Thomas – thank you for providing frameworks for my “living walking questions”.

Marianne Bentzen, author and developmental trauma exert – I only know you personally since the outstanding meditations you offered during the first weeks of Corona, deeply touched by the radical unconditional love you radiate. > Pure embodied love is human possible. Marianne – you inspired me, through you I know what level of integrity
I want to grow into.

Charles Eisenstein – modern philosopher and author. My world view is brought into words I myself rarely find. Thank you for making the complexity accessible and hereby opening the ground to gather in it.
> “The beautiful world our heart knows is possible” – thank you for holding the space for the complexity of this truth, Charles.


Every time trauma is healed we restore a part of our past and make possible a brighter future for ourselves and and succeeding generations.
We transform separation, othering and scarcity into relation, interdependence, and abundance.

Thomas Huebl
Modern teacher for mystic knowledge and healer

Life changer

& inspiring pioneers

Haawea – exceptionally gifted Maori healer, in working with me on Hawaii you gave me permission to fully acknowledge and further on apply self-reliantly my own shamanic wisdom. Being released from deep inside of me, my dream time access was reassured.
 I thank you for the re-union with my soul family – beloved sister, beautiful shining woman, you don’t know how precious this is to me.

“Whenever we are in a collective rite of passage, we also face our individual one. Anything in your life that’s needed attention, that we’ve done our best trying to operate as if nothing needs to change, it too lands on the table. So we go through both, our personal changes and clarifying process, and the wider surrounding one.”

Otto Scharmer – Senior Lecturer in the MIT Management Sloan School and co-founder of the Presencing Institute, is giving us a holistic approach to change facilitation. His systemic view on all relevant phenomena in this world and the huge network of individuals and organizations he established by using the institutional context he gave himself in gives me hope. Theory U  delivers very practical tools to address most complex issues. > Otto – you are doing a revolutionary pioneer work and I am happy to be part of the Presencing community.

“The one thing that I have learned from all these projects is that the key to transformative change is to make the system see itself. That’s why deep data matters. It matters to the future of our institutions, our societies, and our planet.”



Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker: “Wir sind dran. Club of Rome – Der große Bericht: Was wir ändern müssen, wenn wir bleiben wollen. Eine neue Aufklärung für eine volle Welt.”
Barbara von Meibom: “Deutschlands Chance – Mit dem Schatten versöhnen”
Otto C. Scharmer: “Von der Zukunft her führen: Von der Egosystem- zur Ökosystem-Wirtschaft. Theorie U in der Praxis”
Charles Eisenstein: “Ökonomie der Verbundenheit: Wie das Geld die Welt an den Abgrund führte – und sie dennoch jetzt retten kann”
Peter Levine: “Sprache ohne Worte: Wie unser Körper Trauma verarbeitet und uns in die innere Balance zurückführt”
Thomas Hübl: “Kollektives Trauma heilen. Persönliche und globale Krisen verstehen und als Chance nutzen”