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Ground Your Genius!

You have founded a company, or you hold a leading position in politics and society? Then you have already followed the call to exercise influence in the world, engaging in the field of your choice in full accordance with your values. Hand on heart – how does this work for you?

Those who commit themselves to a great cause must have a special strength to not get caught in the dynamics of outer pressure, limiting structures and polarization. That kind of organic power which equips you with a natural authority that nobody would doubt and which can face every crisis.

The secret is as simple as powerful. It lays in the full acknowledgement of your humanness. Our physical presence here on earth is all about energy and the principles of the circular Economy are also valid for the subtle fields of our inner realms.

In suppressing our humanness we have become accustomed to a reduced level of connection, commitment and relational depth – without noticing that we have cut ourselves off from the most central energy source on our planet!

If we really want to make a difference in the next 5 to 10 years, we must be effective in going to the essence. Energetically highly loaded feelings such as shame, fear or guilt must be included and seen as the power banks they are. When we place our human essence at the centre, our connections again become organic and the networks that grow out of them are solid.

A grounded nervous system, a mature bonding capacity and secure access to the realms of dream time – these fundamentals now become accessible for your business. 
The great prize is the recreation of trustworthiness and integrity.

Your “Mission to Earth” is more important than ever.
Let’s start right here – in the depths.

corporate = together

Integrity at all levels – the energy boost for your business

Systems are living organisms (in German)

Your pearls

  • Celebration of what has been achieved and reconciliation with the pains along the way
  • Access to new energy flows and reviving your “Mission to Earth”
  • Safe ground with respect to the themes of our times
  • Key competency high-quality connections
  • Compatible integrity towards your values, your business and the world
  • Creativity and lightness, even in our everyday toils
  • Flexibility and pioneer spirit – those who are permitted to be wrong are always right!
  • Attractiveness and credibility as cooperation partner
  • The rules of
    the game

    Great things begin
    with a bow

    5 encounters that will change your effective power.

    The BecomingEssence FEEL & THINK TANK offers you, at a personal and systemic level, access to a depth from which you can create a secure basis for your business. You, with your leadership qualities, are the central figure in your mission or your project, and therefore the process starts with you – as a person.

    Do you know how to be led? After our initial discussion, we define the individual setting for your pearl dive. An obligatory series of 5 sessions has proved its worth. Each session is devoted to a central theme.

    World awareness

    Your individual pearl dive

    World aware leadership

    BE corporate makes the pearls from Somatic Experiencing, Essential Bonding and Dream-Time Knowledge accessible for your business. It starts with you as leader!

    Having spent many years in business as a project leader, I am familiar with the tendency to decouple our activities in the work context from the nature of our own being.
    Do you love what you do? Then it is worth taking the decision to dive deep in order to make the best possible arrangements with regard to your energetic capacity, your relational competency and your inner integrity.

    Every millimetre of forced strength robs us of our power.

    Whether shame, or lack of knowledge, or fallibility. An inspired spirit of inquiry, or surpassing oneself, or brilliance.
    When we deny even one of our divine-human aspects, we betray our own nature.

    What you surely no longer wish to betray is your deep caring for the world. At the latest with Corona you will no longer accept any compromise between your inner values and the external constraints of reality.

    By openly standing for what moves you, the mission of your soul and the mission of work in your business become one. The effort of having to control everything falls away from you. Your inner loyalty makes crisis resilience into your new reality. The unshakeable integrity of your actions will silence the doubters.

    As a pioneer, you yourself must roll out the red carpet at this point. In your pearl dive, “World aware leadership”, you confront the last inner dragons and you will never again let the golden key to your soul leave your hands. Welcome!


    The real challenge is not in questions of the economy or science.

    Ann goes much further: all the answers lie in the connection with our essence.

    Andre Jacomet
    Executive Coach & Artist of Transformation | Switzerland

    Removing my inner mask and looking towards the career reorientation on the basis of my being – this takes courage, especially in the encounter
    with my shame!

    Empathic, open and creative – Sande-Ann dived with me into the depths, where finally I was reborn.

    Jochen M.
    Freelance architect | Germany

    GAP facilitation

    Using the chance of the gap

    These days, most businesses are confronted by a bottleneck: the new is not yet there, and the old no longer functions. While much energy flows into questions of existence, creativity and the spirit of innovation are demanded at the same time.

    In this dichotomy, a deeper understanding of the nature of transitions is called for. The knowledge of it is there, but it is not yet established in the context of the economy, society or politics. In the medium term, this will change.

    Until then, my presence at decisive meetings in critical phases of your business makes the difference. As GAP FACILITATOR, I offer you my trained view, and contribute innovative stimuli from mysticism, neuroscience and the levels of the Dream-Time.

    KNOWLEDGE: Elements from the BE Masterclass can be conveyed in a separate GAP LAB, but they can also be integrated as short sequences in an ongoing process. Rules that apply to the individual can also be applied to the project as a whole. The ability to create coherence in the nervous system and integrity in relationships serves all systems.

    EXPERIENCE: In the GAP LOUNGE, the energy knowledge is used for the activation of collective intelligence. The phenomenological view and the explicit addressing of gaps creates a space in which controlled movements turn into organic ones.

    The energy that is, as a rule, unconsciously tied up in hiding or covering over gaps is made available for shaping the new. Powerful feelings such as shame unlash their hidden information.

    Valuable” insights from the future” become accessible and can be used.


    It is where we encounter our gaps that innovation emerges. Therefore, every conference in the next 100 years should have a Gap Lab or a Gap Lounge, if it really claims to be a game changer.

    Henrik Langholf
    Founder, Water Festival Freiburg | Germany

    Operating from a clear space, deeply sensing, and staying in connection; these are qualities Ann have which makes me trust her and submit to her work.

    Stig Albansson
    Free fotograf | Sweden

    Pearl Dive
    World aware leadership

    “With my business, I wish to take new paths in being human and feel that I am on safe ground. My actions should be primarily oriented to my deep inner values, and I am ready to radically review existing precepts and free myself of apparent constraints. I am a pioneer; my creativity needs the free space that I wish to develop for myself in order for its full power to unfold.”

    Form: 5 single sessions in sequence (live or online/
    including 1 on-site appointment if desired)

    2,500 €

    Support for Deep Designs: 
    GAP facilitation

    “Future is born out of presence” – my presence in your bottleneck process creates consciousness of the quality of connections and gaps. Simple basic knowledge of the laws of energy in our nervous system and in wider contexts will deliver valuable charts to navigate in dynamic waters and open up new possibilities.

    – Support for Gap Facilitation in change processes
    – Gap Lab: integrated or as a workshop

    Individual proposal on request

    New experiences for your team & your partners: GAP Lounge

    The Gap Lounge is an effective live tool for your innovative business. The furnishing of an inviting location in which explicit space is found for existing gaps, with expert moderation, makes really new things possible.

    Integration of Gap Lounge into your next event (including moderation of the impulses and consultation on concrete design). 

    Individual proposal on request

    Leading change in a fragile world

    Forum Courage regional

    A valuable cooperation between the BecomingEssence FEEL & THINK TANK and Zukunftsmoderation! (future moderation) has been established to move the  burning questions of values of our current time. What does “A good life for all” actually mean, which situations require our attention, where is courageous action required and how does it work?

    You are leading change processes on a personal, organizational, local, political or global level? This compact workshop format is a creative ritual to re-connect with our deep resources.
    It includes elements of a new form of constellation work from where deeper insights arise.

    Together we explore the following questions:

    Which future are you trying to create?
    What exactly needs your courage now?
    What enhances a state of “feeling connected & supported”?
    How can future informed innovation happen for you?

    Henrik Langholf offers his decades long experience in facilitating future oriented corporate group processes. Ann Forker is inviting the quality of depth, being highly skilled in going through possibly challenging phases of uncertainty immanent to change.  Together with you we create a practical change roadmap for your burning future question, that combines individual and connected action steps.

    Form: 3 hours – to 1 day workshop
    Invest: please > contact us

    Rehabilitating human depth on a bigger scale

    Are you ready?

    Are you interested in individual process support; do you wish for my presence in the change process in your business; would you like to have the Gap Lounge integrated into your next event?

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