Being human

But how?


Rooted deep in my essence is the question: “How can things go on with us as humankind?” It is quite evident that some things cannot “go on”. We experience increasing polarisation and conflicts of opinion.

In our search for answers, what would we find if we were to dive deeper?

Can it be that our sensitivity as human beings is much finer than we have hitherto known? Can it be that we are far more trustworthy than we believe one another to be?

It is my mission to create a deeper social understanding of trauma and its transformative power, driven by the bigger question how we establish a new trust into us as human species. What does it actually mean to live like a human being?

Would you like to discover what it means for you?

What does your nervous system need?
What do you need as a relational being?
What do you wish to bring to the world?

I am here to foster your artistic soul – that fine, brilliant, wild side of you, that wishes for nothing more than to give of itself – and yet is so vulnerable! Clarity, humour and profound know-how, in my company it is safe for you to look deep inside yourself  and find the places where your trust has been broken.

My invitation for you is to Become Your Essence. Together we will embark for a pearl dive. In starting to reclaim the integrity of your soul you will unleash and be supported by powers in you that go far beyond what you are today.

Let us set the conditions for you to come back home
into a way of life that is in integrity with your soul.


heal the broken trust in humanity

With my work I am inviting you to join a revolution. The revolution of life itself that starts to claim its own integrity of being complex, wild, organic, play- and soulful. This is your true nature too. And it’s time for you to come home.

Unseen and unaddressed losses of connection built up to a way of life that puts a more heavy load on your soul that you might be aware of. Your attempt to find your “role” in a fragmented world pulls you even deeper into the vicious circle  of disconnect and feeds the subtle sense of homelessness that you silently share with so many others. A bubble of shame surrounds everything you do.

Dare you to be the one who is doing the first step out of it – opening a new playground for you and for others?

Re-connecting the fragmented parts within you will not only heal your heart and soul. You will naturally affect the people around you and start a revolution in the frozen structures you live in. You will be an embodied invitation for everyone around you to be fully human again.


Whether you start your journey
from the personal or from the corporate angle:
your decision to embark for a pearl dive is
linked with an active contribution
to a greater movement.

Ann La-Forker
thanking you on behalf of Integrity For Future

Be individual

trauma release

Together with me you learn the art of pearl diving where by touching the wounds of the broken trust in your life we will alchemise it into a hitherto unknown power in you to stand up for what and whom you love. The toxic shame in your body will unleash its essence and turn into an elixir of life.

Embark for your pearl dive (5 sessions online or in person) with me.

Your space and you a gate, a warm hearted invitation to living. I thank you Ann – creature of the stars!
Pia Ludwig
Artist | Berlin, Germany

Be corporate

Soulful entrepreneurship

When we compromise our deepest values to match a role we take part in the common exploitation. We allow our soul to suffer. With the help of a pearl dive and a series of integrity consulting sessions on your enterprise you can start to close the painful gap between you and the world.

Experience the meaningfulness of a “world aware leadership”.

To remove my inner masks took courage! Ann has taken me through the layers of shame in offering an open and creative space in which I have finally been reborn.
Jochen M.
Freelance architect | Germany

BE true

create your own playgrounds

Soulful entrepreneurship includes a part where you gift from a deeper longing to serve. We are all carrying a souls mission, a special something that only we can bring into the world. It was quite a journey to find mine. Today I am standing up for the basic human right to soul integrity.

Read more about my initiative Integrity For Future.

At home in many dimensions

Trauma expert, pioneer, facilitator

My profound questioning of human existence has accompanied me since my very first breath. Perhaps because, at my birth, I stared for a few moments into the face of dying; today, I would say that I have seen God. Every day, I am in the presence of both aspects. As an introverted child, I explored the borderland primarily in my inner dream world; later, I approached the great subject of being human from an academic perspective. Then there was still quite a long way to go until I became able to consciously apply my intuitive access to other levels with my knowledge of humankind.

A good life for all! What nourishes me when I dare to do the seemingly impossible? Deep and meaningful bonds. How are these connections brought to life? Through my vulnerability. How do I live my relationship to God? In the daily interplay of testing and devotion. These are the keys to my work and my message with Becoming Essence.

Being human is ambivalent. Nevertheless, we can live to the full our steadfast declaration of love to our own being – respectfully connected with others and with the world!

Learn more about my path

Ann has devoted her life to the depths.
She courageously goes to places where scarcely anyone else can go, ready to dive into our human abysses.
And she uncovers pearls.
Nicola S.
Healer | Maui, Hawai