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in times of crisis

Corona sessions

Corona. The world holds its breath. Exhaling finally for a very long time. Phew … a sigh that touches us all. For me, Corona is a gentle yet emphatic invitation to our depths. How have I lived so far? What does the current situation require of me? What is good? What do I want to keep, what do I have to change?

Everyone experiences this time differently, some discover new life models almost playfully, others are faced with great challenges. In any case, the energetic gates are currently wide open and support profound personal change.

Acute additional burden, isolation, existential distress – if you are experiencing a crisis situation due to Corona or the resulting regulations and would like to receive support in specific areas, you can > send me a request.

For this special situation I have released a pool of free individual sessions. All you need is a stable Internet connection.

Form: single sessions online or phone
Invest: for free

Basic Bonding

with your baby

Your baby cries a lot? It has difficulty falling asleep or breastfeeding?
You simply want to deepen the connection to your child?

A safe bonding is the greatest gift you can give your baby! The trustworthy foundation in life is already laid during pregnancy and mainly in the first 6 months of life. Own unresolved issues, stressful situations during pregnancy, challenges during birth … babies are open and receptive. They are very sensitive to what is happening around them and with them. They are dependent on us seeing when they carry unresolved stress within them.

Understanding and shared relaxation in emotional and physical closeness are the key to this. In addition to the special quality of touch of the butterfly massage and its influence on the nervous system, you will learn to remain attentively connected with yourself and your baby even in stressful situations.

Basic Bonding is a part of Emotional First Aid.


Our daughter cried in the first weeks after the birth, she was inconsolable in a way. There was no help around me. Through the basic bonding session with Ann I could understand her, this took away my fear of crying and gave me the confidence to be there for her. Thank you!

Katja L.
Mother of 2 wonderful twin girls

“Own Time” Journey

& the dark night of the soul

Every person has a deep connection to the greater in which he is embedded. This connection is the most precious thing we have. It is the ground for our humanity in the world.

If this connection is broken, it can be difficult to face the challenges of our life: whatever we change on the outside, however much we have understood and “worked through” our life story, it doesn’t help. To revive the connection, we need to dive deeper.

If we resist a crisis, it actually has the power to break us. If we succeed in listening, for many people this time becomes a precious test between living and dying, a deeply spiritual experience, which some also call “The dark night of the soul”.

Once you have reached the deepest point, you meet yourself in your essence.

We recognize the moment of reconnection by its simplicity.

A shamanic journey in 3 dives

What information is waiting for you in the dreamtime? Do you know your original sound frequency?

Meet yourself in these questions.
In which rhythm does my heart beat when it is free?
In which vibration am I originally intended?
Who am I beyond all ideas and desires?
How does it pulsate within me independently of my diverse living connections?

Contradictory and seemingly unsolvable things can simply and harmoniously relax into our very own heart beat. In a quality of timeless deceleration, which reminds us of the depths of the sea, everything has its place in us.

From here we can meet the world and people from an inner safety. The reconnection of each being with its own time becomes the magical key to a peaceful and creative coexistence on our planet.

Format: Half-day retreat
(similar to the Pearl Dive POWER RELEASE >)
Invest: 500€

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